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The “Zolock Gardens” contain different varieties of daylilies and hostas. Annuals are also used in the daylily and hosta gardens to accent and to give texure to the gardens. A unique feature of the flower gardens is the Liriope edging border that carries continuity throughout the gardens. The gardens were granted American Hemerocallis Society display garden status in 2001. In 2011 the gardens were awarded “The Silver Seal Award” by the “Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania” for hybridizing hosta and daylilies – nominated by the “Valley Garden Club” of Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.

The daylily and hosta hybridizing program began in the “Zolock Gardens” in 1996. We have registered many new daylilies and hosta. Our daylily and hosta gardens contain thousands of new seedlings. During our bloom season in July visitors can see 500 of our best daylily selected seedlings in one garden. We enjoy having visitors come to our gardens. Please call or e-mail if you are interested in touring our gardens.
Our goals at the “Zolock Gardens” are to hybridize and grow daylilies and hosta that have good substance, are hardy, and flower over a long period. The foundation for our work and success rests upon the efforts of others through their work, encouragement and advice. Mother Teresa from Calcutta, India says it best:

“What I do - you cannot do. What you do - I cannot do. But together we are doing something beautiful for God.”

Take Care,
Steve and Sarah Zolock

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